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4 Ways To Use Small Olive Wood Bowls At Dinner Parties

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Olive trees are not just great for the olives that come from the tree, but the wood itself includes a unique pattern and texture. Over the years, woodworkers have learned how to craft with the delicate wood. One of the more common olive wood products you may purchase is a wooden bowl. An olive wood bowl comes in many sizes. Learn ways to use some of the smaller olive wood bowls the next time you host a dinner party.

1. Olive Oil Bread Dips

One use for an olive wood bowl is to hold olive oil. The oil sits nicely in the bowl and comes out smooth, and the wood can help enrich the natural flavors of the olive oil. Serve the oil with fresh bread to dip into the oil. Use multiple bowls to hold different flavors and types of olive oil. The wooden bowl adds to the presentation and pairs well with a platter of bread. If you have enough bowls, each person can get their own individual selection of olive oil.

2. Chip & Vegetable Dips

Before you serve dinner, offer up chip or vegetable dip inside a small wooden bowl. The wooden bowls are the ideal size for the dips. Once the dinner is done, the dips clean out of the bowls easily and will not stain the wood or leave scents behind. If you own a larger wooden bowl, then you can use the bigger bowl to hold chips or vegetables. The matching bowl styles add a nice elegance to the whole design.

3. Salad Toppings

Everyone has different tastes and preferences for foods like salads. Use small olive wood bowls to separate salad mix-ins and provide easy access for guests. For example, you could have a small bowl with sliced olives, another bowl with chickpeas, and another with diced onions. Everyone at the dinner party can make a salad the way they prefer and use as many toppings as they want.

4. Dessert Bars

Along with use in a salad bar, use small bowls for dessert as well. For example, if you serve ice cream at a dinner party, then the bowls can hold ice cream toppings. Toppings could include cherries, chopped peanuts, sprinkles, or chocolate chips. Spread the bowls out across a counter, and use small spoons to easily scoop the toppings onto the ice cream.

Purchase multiple olive wood bowls to always have them available when you host dinner parties. For more information, contact an olive wood bowl supplier in your area, such as Ruccello Olive Oil.