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4 Ways to Use CBD Oil for Breakfast

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CBD oil has become a part of an everyday routine for many people. If you want to start using CBD oil on a daily basis, then you can find ways to infuse the oils directly into the breakfast foods you eat. When you use the CBD oil with the breakfast items, you will build up an easy to remember habit and ensure you use the CBD oil daily.

Follow this quick guide to see ways to enhance breakfast items and get your daily intake of CBD oil.

1. Coffee

If you drink coffee every morning, then you can keep your CBD drops right next to the coffee maker. CBD drops will blend well with your morning coffee and offer the option to enhance flavors. For example, you can purchase vanilla-infused CBD oil and add a few drops to your coffee to create a French Vanilla brew. When you try out different CBD flavors, you can find the best combination with your coffee and enjoy a fresh drink each morning.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a healthy breakfast choice for many and offers another way to infuse your CBD oil into a morning meal. After you have heated up the oatmeal, add a couple of drops to the bowl, mix it together, and enjoy the meal. With oatmeal flavors and fresh fruit, the CBD flavors will blend in without any strong aftertaste.

3. Smoothies

CBD oil is often used with other healthy options including protein powder and vitamins. You can mix everything together with a breakfast smoothie. The best part about preparing smoothies with CBD oil is the ability to create a large batch for the week. You can add fruit, yogurt, and other elements to a larger smoothie pitcher.

Pour out individual cups of the smoothie and prepare drinks for each morning. With the prepared drinks, you will have a quick breakfast to enjoy and do not need to worry about remembering your CBD drops each morning.

4. Toast

Another quick breakfast meal people enjoy is toast. No matter if you top your toast with jelly, butter, or peanut butter, you can easily infuse CBD oil. Add some drops of oil directly to the toast after it pops out of the toaster. The bread will soak up the drops. Once you apply the drops, add your other toppings and consume the toast. You will eat the CBD directly and the other toppings will help add delicious flavors to your breakfast options.

The more you experiment with your breakfast options, the more ways you will find to use CBD oils.