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How To Plan Your Daughter's Mexican Wedding Reception

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Are you or yours from south of the border? Perhaps you and your daughter aren't Hispanic, but you have decided together that it would be fun to have a Mexican theme for your daughter's wedding reception. If so, think of the word festive and you'll have the start of a memorable event.

The Decorations - Consider whether you want to go with a colorful theme or a neutral one. 

  • You might think that you have to have a lot of color, but that's not the case.
  • A really unique idea would be to have pure white with touches or color.
  • If you go with white plus color, think of using colorful pottery Mexican birds as part of the centerpiece.
  • If you're going with color, then use bright colors like pink, turquoise, yellow, purple and blue. 
  • Brass would be a great contrast whether you use white or bright colors.

The Food - Who doesn't like Mexican food? This will be a cinch for you.

  • Start by finding a caterer that specializes in Mexican food.
  • Ask yourself if you're going to have a buffet or if you'll have a seated meal.
  • For a buffet, think about having a build your own fajita with traditional sides.
  • For a sit down dinner, consider having ​carne asada, chile relleno or huachinango. 
  • Besides the wedding cake, think about also serving polvorones, suspiros, and Mexican candy.

The Entertainment - Besides honoring the bride and groom and eating fabulous Mexican food, your guests will also want to visit.

  • Are you having the event at your home or at a rented banquet hall?
  • If there's space, for sure plan dancing to have a real Mexican wedding.
  • Consider hiring a Mariachi band to serenade the bride and groom.
  • Think about calling a dance school to see if there's anybody who can perform Mexican folk dances.
  • If would be very special to ask the bride's cousins and siblings to sing the couple's favorite song to them.

Everybody loves to take home a party favor to remember the bride and groom. Consider a tiny bottle of Mexican vanilla, or a tiny bottle of tequila with the bride and groom's picture on it. Another idea is to give each guest a Mexican pecan praline or other Mexican candy. Again, a picture of the bride and groom as part of the gift would be appropriate. Also, a message of appreciation tied to whatever party favor you choose would be nice.