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3 Traditional Mexican Dishes You Have To Try

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When you eat at a Mexican restaurant, do you usually stick with "safe" choices, like tacos, burritos, and nachos? If you're interested in trying more traditional Mexican dishes and you have a restaurant in your area that serves authentic Mexican food, you may be interested in branching out and trying something more like what you'd find if you actually visited Mexico. But first, you want to know what is actually in those dishes listed on the menu. Take a look at some traditional Mexican dishes you should definitely try if you have the chance.


Mole is an interesting dish, because even if you know what it is, you may not be quite sure what you're going to get unless you know where exactly the chef is from. Mole sauce is a Mexican staple that's often served over turkey, chicken, fish, vegetables, beans, rice, or tortillas. However, there are several different types of mole, all originating from different areas of Mexico.

Mole negro, or black mole, comes from the region of Oaxaca, and it contains chocolate. However, its color doesn't come from the chocolate as much as it comes from the method of cooking the mole, which involves charring the ingredients. It also contains pasilla, mulato, ancho, and guajillo chiles, cinnamon, cloves, avocado leaves, and a variety of nuts and seeds, among other things. It's usually served with turkey. Mole Poblano originated in Pueblo, and it contains anise, raisins, almonds, and plantains as well as chiles and meat broth. Mole Rosa, on the other hand, is found in Guerrero, and takes its name from the pink pine nuts that are native to the area. These pine nuts are combined with almonds, sesame seeds, cinnamon, chipotles, hoja santa, onion, garlic and anise for a sweet and spicy flavor.


If you're looking for a side dish or a snack and you enjoy corn, you'll probably like esquites. This dish is made with maize, which is similar to corn, but slightly tougher and chewier. To make esquites, the maize is taken off the cob and mixed with salt, mayonnaise, lime, chile, and a Mexican spice called epazote. It's served in a small bowl or cup and eaten with a spoon.

If you prefer corn on the cob and don't mind getting a little messy, order elote instead. It's grilled corn topped with a sauce made from mayonnaise, chile, and lime.


Pozole is definitely a traditional dish – the Aztecs once made it for special occasions and celebrations. It's a mixture of hominy corn and either chicken, pork or vegetables that are simmered overnight with a variety of chiles and spices. Pozole is served with the bowl only half full or so, to leave room for fresh toppings like radishes, onions, and lettuce.

Don't be afraid to give your tastebuds a chance to branch out. Tacos and burritos are delicious, but traditional Mexican dishes are a great way to get a real taste of Mexico. For more advice, contact a business that serves Mexican food near tucson arizona.