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Backwoods Camping: 3 Alternative Options From Using Gas Or Charcoal Grills

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Camping in the backwoods is a great way to experience nature, practice survival skills, and cook all types of foods. When purchasing items for a deep woods camping trip, you want to ensure that you have items that are portable and easy to use while in the woods. Traditional grills that operate using gas or charcoal can be very bulky and require a lot of extra weight. You can make things a lot easier by seeking out grills that use alternative heating sources. The following three types of grills are compact and use alternative heating options that make it easy to transport and cook on a backwoods camping trip. Browsing through each grill type will help you make the best selections for your camping trip and allow you to choose a heating option that fits your needs.

Smokeless Battery-Operated Grill

You do not need to worry about carrying any type of fuel or extras with you by purchasing a portable grill that operates on battery power. A battery-operated electric grill uses electrical power to heat up the grilling sections. These types of grills do not feature any type of smoke or fumes coming directly from the grill. This makes it ideal for cooking in nearly any location. While camping, you can easily set up the grill right outside the tent, under a tree, or in a clearing.

There are multiple models of this grill that you can purchase. Purely electric grills use heated coils to help cook food. This is similar to the same process used in electric ranges. Other models of a battery-operated grill use a small container of charcoal that is inserted into a small container in the center of the grill. The electric heat will naturally heat the charcoal and provide heat for your food. The grills typically operate using disposable batteries, allowing you to pack extra batteries in case the grill dies.

Portable Pellet Grills

If you're looking for a more natural cooking option, then you can consider a portable grill that heats up using wooden pellets. Small wood pellets are condensed pieces that are composed of sawdust. Because of the compaction, wood pellets burn cleanly and can heat up a lot faster than standard wood. The pellets also make it a lot easier to pack grill burning materials while you head out camping. For example, you can easily place a bag of wood pellets in your bag and carry them to the campsite. This makes it a lot easier than carrying big wood pieces or searching for extra wood every night.

Portable pellet grills are typically lit using matches. You can help the wood light a little faster by applying some lighter fluid. Once the flame is lit, it's easy to add extra pellets to help increase the heat and flames.

Solar Grills

You do not need to worry about any fuel source but the sun when choosing a portable grill that relies on solar power. Solar powered grills can operate a number of different ways. One of the main ways is to use the sun as a direct heating source. These types of solar grills will have reflective panels that heat up when the sun makes contact with them. After several minutes, the heat can become hot enough to grill foods at proper temperatures.

The second type of solar grill available is a solar-powered electric grill. These types of grills use solar panels to convert UV rays into electricity. The electricity is then used to heat the grilling elements and allow you to heat up various items for your camping trip. By using this type of grill, you do not need many accessories and it is very easy to carry.

When shopping for grills, it's a good idea to see your best options and choose a design based off your camping needs. For more information and options, contact grill suppliers like Fire Disc Grills.