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Fairs & Carnivals: Effective Ways To Use Restaurant Equipment While Serving Customers

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As the summer draws to a close, fairs and carnivals start popping up all over the country. One of the biggest highlights when attending these events is enjoying some of the unique food options. If you're eager to open a food booth yourself, then there is a lot of planning involved. Along with selecting a menu that can cater to customers, you want to be able to have the proper equipment so that everything is hot, fresh, and ready to serve. A variety of restaurant equipment is ideal for serving customers and keeping a variety of different foods. Browse through this guide to see various ways of making your fair food a big hit.

Visual Food Serving & Freshness

As people walk through the local fair, they are looking for visual sights that can attract them to different food options. Aside from images, drawings, and bold advertisements, one of the best ways to sell your food offerings is by showcasing the actual food. As you shop for restaurant equipment supplies, there are a number of visual food serving equipment options available. These food servers can not only showcase the food, but they have warming lamps to keep it hot and fresh for each customer order.

One of the more classic options for visual food serving is a rotating pizza server. The flat racks are not only ideal for pizza, but they can be used for a number of different carnival foods. You can showcase items like fried dough or flat bread sandwiches. The rotating mechanism allows customers to see all sides of a product and really showcases your food creations. A standard warming display server is also available. These servers include multiple racks for you to put items on. This is ideal for deep fried items like French Fries or onion rings. It can keep foods at ideal warming temperatures so that they stay fresh.

Food Preparation

When ordering meals at a fair, many customers expect it within just a couple of minutes. This is where proper food preparation comes in. By having ingredients ready to go, you can create quick meals that are also delicious. Shopping for restaurant equipment can make it easier to see different options for your cooking needs. One of the more compact food preparation items you can shop for is a countertop warmer. These warmers are compact and feature multiple compartments that makes it easy to store a variety of ingredients. For example, if you prepare carnival calzones, then you can use the warming sections for a variety of fresh-cut ingredients like cut mushrooms and peppers. The warmers also make it easier to store items for a menu item like loaded baked potatoes. You can easily access nacho cheese, broccoli, and chives through different warming compartments.

Cooking Presses

A number of fair food trucks prepare all types of meats. Burgers, hot dogs, and sausages are just a few of the items available at these events. If you want to include any of these items on your menu, then you should consider a compact cooking press for your truck. These presses not only save space in small cooking areas, but they allow you to cook multiple items all at once. This can help you keep orders moving and allow you to have multiple meats prepared at once.

For example, you can use a cooking press to making a dozen hamburgers at the same time. Once the burgers are done, they can be placed in a warmer and kept fresh for each customer order. The cooking press can then be used to prepare another type of meat like hot dogs. By setting a specific order, you can have all of the food fully prepared and ready to go for a long day of cooking.

Shop for restaurant equipment at a store like Louis Wohl & Sons Inc well ahead of your first fair so you can ensure that you are fully prepared for all of your cooking and serving needs.