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3 Specific Refrigerator Parts That Need To Be Cleaned Regularly

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The quality of our food is determined by the temperature at which we store them at. Cooler environments inhibit bacterial growth, and keep food staying fresh for longer periods of time. Refrigerators are designed to do just that with the optimum fridge temperature being anywhere around 3 to 5°C and the optimum freezer temperature being around -18°C. To ensure durability and prevent bacterial accumulation, it is crucial that the refrigerators are cleaned periodically. While most restaurant owners typically only clean the exterior surfaces, some specific parts actually require the most attention. We will explore 3 of these refrigerator parts below.

Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are considered to be the most sensitive out of all of the refrigerator parts, and its location will vary depending on the type of unit that you have purchased. Refer to your owner's manual or have a maintenance technician find it. The liquid coolant is circulated through the condenser coils and cooled, and the condenser coils are largely responsible for maintaining the internal temperature of the refrigerators.

The condenser coils accumulate a lot of pollen and dust, and can easily contaminate food that has been sitting in the fridge. Most professionals would recommend cleaning the condenser coils at least once a month to keep the refrigerators in pristine condition. You should vacuum or brush off any of the dirt and pollen that has accumulated on the surface of the finned condenser coils or you can even use compressed air. Make sure that you use an up and down motion, and not a side to side motion when cleaning the condenser coils, and make sure that the refrigerator unit is completely unplugged before cleaning this specific part.

Fan Blades and Motors

The fan blades and motors will be located in various locations as well, and you should refer to your owner's manual for more information. They are easy to find, and are responsible for distributing the cooled air throughout the entire refrigerator unit. There are two types of motors that you will need to clean: condenser fan motor and evaporator fan motor. 

Just like for the condenser coils, you should clean the fan blades and motors at least once a month. Most professionals would recommend dry cleaning these parts with a soft cloth in order to remove any of the dirt and dust that may have accumulated on the surfaces. If you have to wash the blades, cover the motor with a dry cloth so that the moisture does not end up causing any damage to the motor. Only use mild detergents and water, and avoid using chemical cleaners. Once again, make sure that the refrigerator is unplugged before commencing. 

Honeycombs and Air Return Vents

The honeycomb and air return vents are also responsible for creating airflow and also cold air curtains. To clean the honeycombs, you may have to remove them. While the honeycombs may look clean upon inspection, once you have removed them, you may see signs of dirt, dust and even mold. Small items can also become easily lodged in the air return vents. 

Most professionals would recommend cleaning honeycombs and air return vents quarterly. Use mild detergents and water to get rid of unwanted surface accumulates, and avoid using stronger chemical cleaners. When cleaning honeycombs and air return vents, you want to make sure that the drain is unclogged and that large debris and ice are removed. 


Keeping refrigerator parts clean can be extremely beneficial. Not only will it ensure that food stored inside the refrigerator are less likely to be susceptible to contamination, but cleaning and replacing these refrigerator parts from a place like K & D Factory Service Inc will also help keep your refrigerators working longer and requiring less maintenance. All in all, it will end up reducing expenses for your restaurant, and ensure that you can enjoy more profit.